Designing your dream kitchen? 5 things to keep in mind

Posted on 14/07/21

There are so many elements that you need to think about when you’re designing your new kitchen. From layout, style, colour and so on and so on… the list can seem endless. Don’t worry, Fairoak can help. Check out these 5 top things to consider…

How it looks Vs how it works

It’s important to find a balance between style and functionality. What’s the point in having a stunning kitchen if it doesn’t work with your lifestyle?

Initially you need to think about how you will use your kitchen. Will it be the heart of the home for the whole family to congregate in? For entertaining? Or just for cooking? Think carefully about how much time you spend in your current kitchen and how you use it, and you’ll soon come up with ideas for what you need and what you don’t.

Combining the functionality you need with the your choice of style is going to be the basis of your design, so it’s worth spending time thinking about it. Do your research on kitchen styles, colours and features and have a few options ready.

The layout

You’ve already given a lot of thought to how you will use your kitchen, and you’ve found a style you love, it’s time to think about how it will fit in to the available space. So, measure the dimensions and shape of the room. The layout of your kitchen is super important, and there are always a number of options in any space.

A classic rule of thumb is to use the “Working Triangle Rule” This concept focuses on the location of the main elements of every kitchen- the cooker, the fridge and the sink. It’s all about keeping the most-used areas of the kitchen at a handy proximity to each other, so when placing them in a plan imagine a triangle with one at each point.

 Then where will your cabinets go? Some traditional layouts are;

  • Single or double galley, with one or two continuous runs of cabinets.
  • An L-shaped kitchen that is built into a corner, offering extra counter space
  • U-Shaped kitchen which surrounding the centre of the room on three sides.

Adding an island is a great way of adding extra worktop, cupboard and seating space, or even extra refrigeration or a wine rack.

A well-designed layout will make the most of the available space and keep everything well organised.

Choosing your worktops

Worktops need to be easy to clean, hardwearing and look fabulous all at the same time, so do your research on materials. There are so many options, from laminated wood to granite. Again, think about how your worktops are going to be used and let that guide your choices.

Keep it organised with clever storage

We keep so many things in our kitchens, so good storage is absolutely essential. There are lots of clever ways to hide all of your bits and bobs these days, from larder cupboards to recycling drawers. A well-planned kitchen takes into consideration all the storage needed for your different items and tasks.

Perhaps as important as the amount of storage you have is its accessibility. Think about grouping your items into activity zones including baking, beverages, serving, washing, pet supplies etc.


Some of our favourite bespoke features are hidden under-sink storage and larder cupboards with electrical outputs for a permanent place to house your microwave and toaster.


As kitchens tend to have heavy traffic and are regularly exposed to moisture, food and cleaning products, it is important to choose flooring that is hardwearing. Just like worktops, there are many different materials available. Non-slip is always a good idea, as well as easy-to-clean and something that fits in with kitchen colour and style you’ve chosen. You might want to keep your feet warm with underfloor heating, so keep all of these things in mind when choosing your flooring.


These days there are appliances for most tasks in the kitchen. The style choices are endless and so are the options in form and function.

Do you want freestanding or built-in, gas or electric? Like all of the other elements of your design, think about what you do most in your kitchen and choose your appliances based on that.

If you keep all of these thongs in mind from the beginning of your project, then your dream kitchen will come together beautifully! Of course, one of the best ways to make sure you cover all aspects of your kitchen design is to bring in a professional. Fairoak have been designing, manufacturing and installing bespoke kitchens for many years, so we can help you to ensure that there are no missed details.

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