Bespoke or Made-to-measure?

Posted on 30/06/21

What's the difference?

Made to measure means to have something that already exists (usually mass-produced, ex-stock) adjusted to fit in the available space. There are generally a limited number of designs, colours and materials, so compromises must be made.



A bespoke kitchen is one that is entirely unique to each client. In other words, it is crafted to suit you, your individual needs and fully blends into the available space. Your kitchen will be built around how you want it rather than having to adapt your ideas to what is available off-the-shelf. And this makes a huge difference to the end result.


Aside from the massive difference in quality and longevity between a handcrafted kitchen and one off the shelf, one of the biggest differences is that instead of standardised unit sizes, bespoke cabinets can be made to any size, meaning no gaps and blanking strips, so every millimetre of the available space can be utilised.


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