8 Must-haves for Luxury Kitchens

Posted on 17/03/22

Are you thinking about your new kitchen? Here are 8 must-haves to give your kitchen luxury status… 


1. An Organised Pantry

Pantries are seriously trending right now and forms a major part of every luxury kitchen design.

The essence of all pantry designs is to showcase the very best of bespoke cabinetry packed with clever storage options, such as shallow shelves inside the door for herbs and spices, to deeper shelves for dry foods and neat baskets for organising fruit and vegetables. Plus, they come in shapes, sizes and styles to suit every scheme.

Even a small kitchen could incorporate a pantry. It can be anything from a freestanding cabinet, to a walk-in storage space. 

Kitchen pantry cupboard     bespoke kitchen pantry cupboard

2. Functional Kitchen Islands

The kitchen island is a staple feature that will take your luxury kitchen to the next level. It’s a freestanding countertop unit in the middle of a kitchen, accessible from all sides, adding more precious space and storage. It acts as a natural room divide, bridging the kitchen to another space. 

The kitchen island is where everyone hangs out at parties, or the family congregates around to cook and chat, but can still be highly functional by adding sinks, stoves, extra storage, wine coolers, somewhere to hide the pots and pans… the list goes on. 

When planning your kitchen island, think about its purpose. Will it be used as extra space for cooking, or will it be a communal spot for relaxed dining? This will help you to decide how to utilise the extra space in the best way possible.

bespoke kitchen island

bespoke design kitchen island

bespoke butchers block island

3. An open floor plan

Open plan kitchens can be luxurious! They create extra light, space and versatility and usually have a fantastic sense of flow. This is especially important in a smaller house, where rooms can feel more restrictive. Open-plan kitchens are sleek, chic, offer greater mobility and are easier to navigate.

We’re seeing more and more modern kitchen designs incorporating enough space for cooking and guests, so it’s important to consider that while laying out the blueprints for your kitchen.


4. Illumination

Using different light sources at various levels can be a subtle yet effective way to attain a more luxurious interior. Good lighting in your kitchen is essential for creating ambience, but must also be functional. Where it’s placed is also important. 

The key is illuminating different areas of the room, using combinations of natural light and lighting fixtures on the ceiling, walls and integrated lighting in cabinets, appliances and units. 


5. Hidden Treasures

Hiding appliances and storage options within the kitchen cabinets creates a seamless, flowing space that looks very neat and maximises the feeling of spaciousness.  

Cabinet drawers and cupboards can be utilised to hide anything from recycling bins, to microwaves, toasters and fridge freezers. Designing a discreet storage system is one of the most impactful ways to make your kitchen feel less like a practical zone and more like an extension of your home and a place to relax and socialise.

bespoke hidden recycling storage     bespoke hidden corner unit storage

bespoke under-sink hidden storage


6. Cabinets That Amaze

As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so it's important to decorate your kitchen with your personal taste in mind.

With so many shapes, colours, and styles to choose from, it’s important to take your time choosing the specifications of your cabinets, but the key is to prioritise quality above all else - From the materials your cabinets are made from, to the finish and the hardware. You can’t beat high-end quality for creating a stunning overall look.

bespoke cabinetry

bespoke handmade kitchen cabinetry

high quality handmade kitchen cabinetry


7. Flooring That Holds Up

The flooring of your kitchen is something that will experience a lot of use. For this reason, not only should your high-end kitchen have flooring that looks great and pairs well with your cabinets, but it needs to be durable too. Overall, both flooring and cabinetry are two areas of your luxury kitchen design that are worth investing in to reduce repairs and complications down the road.


8. High-Performance Appliances

At the forefront of your kitchen in terms of functionality and style are the appliances you use. 

The newest trends allow for more connection with technology, as well as an alternative to some traditional cooking methods which may inspire you towards a healthier and more productive lifestyle. 

Manufacturers from around the world are constantly coming up with new ideas that make our lives easier and more enjoyable. For example, ranges, ovens, steam ovens, cooktops, and other accessories can all be included in your luxury kitchen to make cooking easier. Wine racks, speakers, coffee bars, and more can be included to make the area more welcoming to guests too.

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